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Base Camp

In the Nature Park Weißensee in the Gailtaler Alps in Carinthia, Austria, at an altitude of 1400m, RtW maintains a base camp for field research. For the last 12 years a teepee has proved to be best for this purpose. These quarters serve practicing students as well as the two project managers, the zoologist Manuela Siller and the wildlife ethologist Hans Peter Sorger. The camp is used throughout the year, especially in winter time.
The latest technology such as directional microphones, CD- and digital audio recorders are used. “Listening attacks” take place in summer and in the cold period, especially during the mating season of the lynxes, because the fascinating calls of the male lynxes at this time can be related to an individual using special software.

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Photos base camp with the kind permission of www.weissensee-info.com.


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Cover photo H.P. Sorger

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